How to Turn Off Autopilot in Bitdefender 2019?

Turn Off Autopilot in Bitdefender 2019

Autopilot in Bitdefender is very useful as while working on the system the optimized level of security will help you by monitoring high processing of computer matched with the speed of antivirus and prevents system from been freeze and restart situations. In auto pilot mode the way you interact with the system will help you by advising when to put auto pilot mode on or off.

If you want to turn off Bitdefender temporarily then you need to read blog on How to turn off or disable Bitdefender temporarily. But to resolve the issue of Autopilot turning off Bitdefender you are required to read steps listed below by an expert to solve Bitdefender autopilot problem each step is complete solution to the problem.

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Autopilot Keeps Turning Off:


Step1: Open Bitdefender total security and on top right corner of window there is autopilot button.

Step2: Toggle autopilot button to on and open Bitdefender modules and select tools tab.

Step3: Click on profiles link located at the left bar of the windows tab.

Step4: Now in profile settings select check box next to let autopilot manage profiles.

Step5: Restart the system and check if it is working now.

Bitdefender 2019 Autopilot


Step1: Open Bitdefender panel and click on settings located on the upper tool bar.

Step2: Login to view settings and to open navigates to setting over view tab.

Step3: Open General settings and select general tab on the panel.

Step4: Search and select turnoff automatic game mode or laptop mode.

Call Bitdefender Support Number +1-877-240-5577 to Fix Turn Off Autopilot in Bitdefender 2019

The users facing the issue can get in touch with Bitdefender customer service phone number to get instant support to solve various problems faced in Bitdefender antivirus. The team working here is providing 24*7 assistance by connecting through remote session and the team of certified professionals will help customer in USA and Canada the service can be availed by calling +1-877-240-5577 toll free to get the right approach to the problem.

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