How to Set Up Bitdefender Parental Control?

Bitdefender introduced parental control help you to set control to use different applications while restricting users after setting up control for children as well as elders. And by using control you can manage the activity on different social media platforms like Facebook, twitter as well as for various sites or application allows you to text chat video chat etc.

If you are not able to open password manager then you are at right place to know How to Fix Bitdefender Password Manager Not Working Issue. But if you want to configure parental control for Bitdefender users are requested to follow the methods listed below in the blog and these methods can be executed carefully to set up Bitdefender parental control.

Bitdefender Parental Control

Steps to Set Up Bitdefender Parental Control:


Step1: Open Bitdefender and login to control panel.

Step2: Now click on privacy and in parental control choose configure option.

Step3: Press add child under control and enter details for the child like age profile name etc.

Step4: Select the device if laptop or computer then selects it from left option.

Step5: Now click create profile button and in categories select options you want to ban.

Step6: Press save button and set time access details with days of a week.

Step7: Now press save button and enter keywords like games, movies etc.

Step8: After each keyword press block button and press ok to save.

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Step1: Access parental control tab in Bitdefender Antivirus panel.

Step2: Open dashboard in tab and choose child profile.

Step3: Now got to Facebook or other social media tab.

Step4: Press connects to child profile option and use link to protect profile.

Step5: Exit all the tabs.

Call Bitdefender Service Number 1-877-240-5577 for Bitdefender Parental Control

Bitdefender customer support number is a third party service provider can provide instant assistance from the team of certified professionals. The team here working to provide assistance via remote sessions to get round the clock assistance you are required to call toll free +1-877-240-5577 and get Instant online help in USA and Canada.

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