How to Fix Bitdefender Firewall Blocks Everything?

Bitdefenderis an antivirus offer user browsing experience with enhanced security byfiltering data and blocking all malicious content and you have to add web siteexception. If a page or application is blocked by antivirus then you have toadd the application, program as well as web site to white list in Bitdefenderantivirus and mark it as safe.

If you want to use Bitdefender VPN in your computer and not able to setup and start VPN then you are in need to know How to Fix Bitdefender VPN Error Code 1009. But to know best methods to fix Bitdefender firewall blocking internet you can follow and execute instructions step by step to solve various issues in Bitdefender antivirus.

Bitdefender Firewall Blocks Everything

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Firewall Blocking Internet Access:


Step1: Pressshield icon located at the left side bar at the Bitdefender interface and pressview modules link.

Step2: Nowselect whitelist link found in web protection module to add the list.

Step3: Type the address you want to unblockor add the path to the installed software.

Step4: Press add button after entering andclick on save button.

Step5: Close the window and check if you are able to access site.

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Step1: Open Bitdefender and navigate toprotection window.

Step2: Now in firewall module click onsettings button and navigate to network adaptors.

Step3: Select home/office from the dropdowncorresponding to Ethernet option and open settings tab.

Step4: Now select edit stealth setting andclick on button next to Ethernet to off condition.

Step5: Tap on ok button and go to rules tab to click on add rule option.

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Step6: Now toggle button to yes shown againstapply this rule to all applications.

Step7: Open advance tab now and toggle customremote option to on.

Step8: Now enter IP address and leave blankport number if you don’t want to specify any port.

Call Bitdefender Support Number 1-877-240-5577 to Fix Bitdefender Firewall Block Issue

Best way to optimize firewall in a manner to use internet and various applications blocked by firewall is listed in the blog above but if after following the set of instructions you are not able to resolve the issue then you can contact Bitdefender support number by dialing toll free number1-877-240-5577 to get round the clock assistance in USA and Canada.

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